LBNHRX - Tales From The Moustache

Title: Tales From The Moustache
Code: TH!N19
Format: MP3 Album

Mastering: Herrmutt Lobby
Design: Rawakari

@LBNHRX has decided to tackle the topic of #hair head on with his first opus: “Tales From The #Moustache”. I find the subject an interesting one, as it’s rather exemplary of our day and age, and an already widely debated issue among many of my generation: the growing trend towards the eradication of all bodily #hair. It’s true - we live in a #balding @world.

I personally have always felt ill at ease when confronted with a #hairless @cunt. Although a #bald @pussy may be more practical when indulging in #cunnilingus, I find the presence of an even merely symbolic amount of pubic hair on a woman more becoming. It connotes sexual maturity, and - hopefully - with this maturity comes experience and a better understanding of the proper functioning of the chosen sexual partner. I’ve always assumed this to be beneficial to all persons involved. Partisans of the #shaved @box approach propose aesthetic arguments to defend their position, but that kind of argument really just puts an end to any form of discussion whatsoever.

Perhaps it’s generational. I grew up thumbing magazines - which you must admit is a more of a feat with one hand than clicking on a mouse - in which women were naturally “endowed”. Now one has to go to the “fetish” section to find women with pubic hair, somewhere between #GILFs and #lactating #midgets, confined to a niche category, when they’re initially a common denominator. If you’re looking for a #lactating #midget WITH a #hairy #pussy, it’s practically an impossible request, cross-niche pollination obviously being “haram” in the pornographic realm, or limited to intrepid adventurers.

In most times and most places, facial hair - on a man - and pubic hair - in general - were symbols of adulthood and sexual maturity and worn proudly. Today we see a general trend towards hairless bodies. If not you can’t really aspire to being one of the “beautiful people”, and will be restricted to a specialised sub-category [and if you're lucky represented by a mono-thematic "defence" group].

I’ve always hated the term “beautiful people”. People aren’t #beautiful; at best they’re #attractive. People are generally #ugly, and life isn’t exactly a walk in the @park. I’d be worried if my life could be summarized by the calculated #disorder with which I align my #fashion magazines on my #designer coffee table. I actually like the fact that my #shit stinks.


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