Alexandria Alexandra is a disco songcomposed in 1977 by Jean-Pierre Bourtayre and Claude François , on lyrics written by Étienne Roda-Gil , and performed by Claude François. She was released in 45 laps on Wednesday, March 15, 1978, the day of the funeral of her interpreter, died accidentally Saturday, March 11, 1978 .

Technical characteristics of the song

It was recorded in October 1977, and released in December 1977 on the album Magnolias for Ever . The music is signed Jean-Pierre Bourtayre and Claude François, and the lyrics Étienne Roda-Gil . Claude had signed for the single to come out on Wednesday, March 15, 1978, it was, coincidentally, on that date that his funeral took place. We find the song Evein B side .

The song evokes the native Egypt of Claude François: the veil (Islamic) (“veils on girls”), the Nile , the lighthouse of Alexandria and the barracuda . The song is also famous for its choreography of folding arms, lifting and swinging arms in the air.

There are two versions of this song: the first, the most widespread [ref. necessary] and a second which puts forward the electric guitar especially at the beginning of the song. This second version is used in his video for RTL of December 1977 where the image is naturally blurred (Claude had put Vaseline on the eye of the camera).


Claude François had the time to present this song four times on television:

  • In a Number 1 of Maritie and Gilbert Carpentier , November 26, 1977, which was dedicated to him.
  • A clip for RTL TV in December 1977.
  • In the Belgian program Chansons à la carte on January 22, 1978.
  • In a program recorded by the BBC on March 9, 1978 in Leysin and broadcast in May 1978 and Christmas 1978.

On 15 March 1978, the day of the funeral of Claude François, so out the 45s with a rather different version at orchestration and shorter than 8 seconds that the version 33 laps . The cover of the single was the last cover made and signed by Claude François.

This disc 45s came out in Canada with version 33 laps and not that of the 45s French. It is also published in Madagascar and Belgium with a different cover 1 .

She remains, with Magnolias for Ever one of the songs of Claude François who always goes to nightclub, almost 40 years after its release.


  • Composition: Claude François – Jean-Pierre Bourtayre / Étienne Roda-Gil
  • Arrangements: Slim Pezin and Raymond Give 2
  • Rhythm guitar: Slim Pezin
  • Ropes and brass: R. Gimmenez and R. Donnez

Repeats and samples

  • The VRP take it back on the album Remords et triste pets (1989)
  • Swedish singer Indra takes the title in a dance music-oriented version in a special issue of “Stars 90” in homage to Claude François presented by Michel Drucker and Sheila and broadcast on February 18, 1993. After its broadcast , this version performed by the then very popular dance music singer receives the enthusiasm of the public and appears on a reissue of his single from the time Gimme what’s real . The title is also included on the Best of the singer released the following year (1994).
  • In 2000, the Black Project group sampled Alexandria Alexandra in Everybody .
  • In 2002, the Castafiores take it back on their live, Punkitchatcha !!!
  • The title is included in the musical Beautiful Beautiful . Paying homage to the titles of Claude François, it was created in 2003 by collaborators of the singer such Daniel Moyne , Jean-Pierre Bourtayre and Gérard Louvin .
  • In 2004, Bob Sinclar remix Alexandria Alexandra for Bernard Frédéric ( Benoît Poelvoorde ) for the film Podium
  • Richard Gray sampled Alexandria Alexandra in You Can Run .
  • Used as a gag in the film Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra (but not in the BD album, released in 1964).
  • Used as party music in the movie “Vive la France”
  • Reprinted by Mr. Pokora in his album My Way released in 2016.

Notes and references

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