American Idiot is a song by American punk rock band Green Day . This is the first song and the first single from their seventh studio album , American Idiot , released on. She came out as a single on, and has enjoyed critical and commercial success, contributing greatly to the success of the album.

The single was o 1 to the United States for five weeks, o 1 in the UK for three weeks, o 1 in France for two weeks, o 3 in Germany , o 6 in Australia , Italy and Spain .


Artistic Characteristics


The single came out in CD format in two different versions 1 . One contains the song Too Much Too Soon in front of B and the other contains the songs Shoplifter and Governator . These three songs are not present on the album American Idiot and constitute the three sides B of the album.

All lyrics are written by Billie Joe Armstrong unless otherwise indicated, all music is composed by Green Day .

American Idiot , CD Version 1
o title duration
1. American Idiot 2:54
2. Too Much Too Soon 3:33
American Idiot , CD Version 2
o title duration
1. American Idiot 2:54
2. Shoplifter 1:52
3. Governator (Lyrics by Mike Dirnt ) 2:31
 [view]Vinyl format 7 “
 [view]Promotional single

Themes and composition

Video clip

In the video , the band played the song in a shed in front of a huge flag of the United States whose bands are fluorescent green instead of red. Towards half of the video, just before the song’s solo, the flag begins to dribble with this green substance, which also comes out of the speakers and splatters the group 2 . The clip was directed by Samuel Bayer .


Best positions of American Idiot in the music rankings 3
 All  aus  Can  E-U  Fra  UK  sui
28 7 1 61 3 75


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