The Antwerps liedboek , or the collection of songs from Antwerp , was printed on the presses of Jan Roulans in Antwerp in 1544 under the title: Een schoon liedekens. Boeck inden welcken ghy vinden sult. Veelderhande liedekens. Oude en nyeuwe Om droefheyt ende melancolie te verdrijuen (“A beautiful book of songs, where you would find several songs, both new and old, to chase sorrow and melancholy “).

The Antwerp songbook

The collection of songs, soberly executed in oblong format , measures 95 by 135 mm and contains 256 pages for the lyrics of 221 songs, without musical notation .

It is known that there have been about five editions of the book, of which there remains only one complete copy of the vast collection of Duke Auguste of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel and preserved in the library which bears his name, in Wolfenbüttel .

One can easily guess why only one copy of the five editions is left. Two years after the publication of the edition of 1544 , the Faculty of Theology of Louvain put the songbook to the Index Librorum Prohibitorum (literature list of prohibited the Inquisition Catholic ). Later, the printer found himself in prison, where he died, for distributing clandestine publications. It was not primarily the songs of the collection that dealt with political issues (those who praised the House of Habsburg) which had become a source of irritation for the Inquisition, but rather disrespectful songs to clerics. According to the formula of the censors, any publication not intended to exert a positive influence on the faith and morals was considered harmful. There were, therefore, books which were “better not to read in these dangerous times, and which are better outside the hands than in the hands of the common people and young people” 1 . The few copies that escaped the Inquisition were probably later destroyed by French librarians overzealous and too happy to get rid of the few remnants of Dutch culture in the Southern Netherlands 2 .

The first scientific edition of 1855 is due to Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben . In 2004 , a new edition of the collection and a double compact disc attached are published (edition: Dieuwke van der Poel, music: Camerata Trajectina and Louis Peter Grijp). Thanks to the references to the tunes of the collection of songs and the musical notation of other collections of songs, a hundred songs have been reconstructed.

The Antwerp collection is the oldest anthology printed of homophone songs , though without musical notation , to include so many secular songs on Dutch lyrics . Most of these songs were long known in the late Middle Ages and were transmitted orally. Many of them received the header Oudt liedeken to indicate that it is an old song . Many songs , published for the first time in the collection of Antwerp, have remained popular over the following centuries and appear in various anthologies and anthologies of songs .


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