Auf der Lüneburger Heide ( ” On Luneburg Heath “) is a German folk song from the early xx th century.

It was composed in 1912 by Ludwig Rahlfs based on a poem of the collection Der kleine Rosengarten ( “The little rose garden”) of Hermann Löns .

It is often performed in folk festivals ( Volksfest ) in this part of northern Germany and is usually part of the repertoire of choirs or local bands.

First known in the Lüneburg Heath , Auf der Lüneburger Heide gained fame beyond the region thanks to the film Grün ist die Heide (“Green is the Moor”), released in 1951, where it is performed by Kurt Reimann, then thanks to another film of the same name (released in 1972) where it is Roy Black who interprets the song. Various musicians have released their own interpretations of the song, such as tenor Rudolf Schock on his CD CD Stimme für Millionen (“A Voice for Millions”). The Slovenian group of industrial music Laibach used it on his cover of the albumLet it be the Beatles , where the title Maggie Mae repeats the words Auf der Lüneburger Heide (first and third verses) instead of original lyrics of the Beatles song.

Text and translation into French

1. Auf der Lüneburger Heide
In dem wunderschönen Land
Ging ich auf und ging ich nieder
Allerlei am Weg ich fand
Valleri Vallera ha ha ha

Und Juheirassa: |
Bester Schatz: |
Denn weißt: | es ja

2. Brüder laßt die Gläser klingen
Denn der Muskateller Wein
Wird vom langen Stehen sauer
Ausgetrunken muß er sein
Valleri …

3. Und die Bracken und die bellen
Und die Büchse und die knallt
Rote Hirsche wollen wir jagen
In dem grünen, grünen Wald
Valleri …

4. Ei du Hübsche, ei Feine
Ei from the Bild wie Milch und Blut
Unsere Herzen woll’n wir tauschen
Denn du glaubst nicht wie das tut
Valleri …

1. On the Lüneburg Heath
On this wonderful land
I went north and south
Of all kinds on the way I found
Valleri Vallera ha ha ha

And Juheirassa: |
More expensive love: |
You know it: | for sure

2. Brothers, let our glasses clink
In honor of the muscat wine
I will be sour if I stay too long standing
Every drop should be drunk
Valleri …

3. And ferns and barking
And rifle and shooting
We went hunting red deer
In the woods and green forests
Valleri …

4. Oh my beauty, my bride
With your face of lilies and roses
We would like to exchange our hearts
Because you do not know how we do
Valleri …