Vienna (song)

Vienna is a song of the British band Ultravox appearing on the homonymous album released in 1980 . She is released as a single , as the third part of the album, the January 15 , 1981. She gets a major success in Europe and in Oceania ( 2 e in the UK and in New Zealand , number one in Belgium , the Netherlands , and Ireland ).

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Video Killed the Star Radio

Video killed the Radio Star is a song performed by the English band The Buggles , written and composed by Trevor Horn , Geoff Downes and Bruce Wooley. It was officially dedicated as the first radio soundtrack from the album The Age of Plastic in the summer of 1979 . The song was released on this album in 1979, about the same time as the version of Bruce …

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Such a Shame

Such a Shame is a song of the groupTalk Talk, written byMark Hollisand appearing on their album It’s My Life was released in1984. Initially released inOctober 1983promo, the song Such a Shame was written by Mark Hollis and was largely inspired by the cult novel by American author Luke Rhinhart The Man-dice ( The Dice Man ), published in 1971.

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Johnny and Mary

Johnny and Mary is a song of songwriter and performer British Robert Palmer appeared in single in 1980 with Island Records 1 . Twelfth single of the artist and first part of the album Clues , released the same year, Johnny and Mary meets a moderate reception of the public in the United Kingdom and is not ranked at Billboard Hot 100 in the United States. However, it is in Europe that the title works best in the charts , reaching the top 10 …

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