Ay, that noche tan preciosa (which can be translated from Spanish byWhat a night so precious) is an anniversary song sung traditionally inVenezuela. This is probably the most famous song of the country, the latter being repeated on all birthdays celebrated by Venezuelans. More than a musical theme, it is part of the idiosyncrasy of Venezuelan. This song precedes the traditional “Cumpleaños feliz” on the internationally known theme although the rhythm of both songs is relatively different.

The author of the song Luis Cruz , Musician and composer, is at the origin of the quartet Los Naipes, Venezuelan group of romantic music in the sixties. Cruz composed a large amount of works such as Ingenua (Dumbi Dumbi) , Como poder Olvidarte , El Arreo . In all it is estimated that they have made more than 1000 compositions of which more than 400 have been registered with the Society of Authors, Composers of Venezuela (SACVEN).

Creation and distribution

It is said that Luis Cruz wrote this song in 1953 to impress his girlfriend at the time, named Rebeca, the day of his birthday 1 . Although taken over by other artists, it will be necessary to wait until 1964 so that this one enters posterity.

That year, Emilio Arvelo was at Discomoda Studios with Luis Cruz, along with the Los Latinos trio. He says he heard and learned the song on this occasion. He was missing a title to the record he was making and he would have suggested to the production manager to include this song. The latter after having repeatedly refused, considering the title too old, eventually accept. Thanks to this one, it will be successful in Venezuela but also in Colombia , Peru , Panama , and Puerto Rico 2 .


¡Ay! that noche tan preciosa 
is the noche of you 
ddo todo lleno de alegría 
in esta fecha natal.

Tus más íntimos amigos 
esta noche te acompañan, 
you saludan y desean 
a mundo of felicidad.

Yo por mi parte deseo 
lleno de luz este día, 
todo lleno de alegría 
en esta fecha natal.

is no doubt that there is nothing to do with it , and
there is
a cumpleaños feliz in Dios porque pases .


Ay! What a night so precious! 
it’s the night of your day 
full of joy 
in this date.

Your most intimate friends 
make you company tonight, 
they greet you and wish you 
a world of happiness.

Me, on my behalf I wish you 
full of light this day, 
full of joy 
in this date.

And may this silver moon
shine its light for you,
and pray to God that you have
a happy birthday.