Belle is a musical work that is part of the comedy Notre-Dame de Paris and performed by Garou , Daniel Lavoie and Patrick Fiori . Available as a single in 1998, it has had a smashing success, particularly in France and Belgium , and has been at the top of sales for several months.


Like the other pieces of the musical, the text of Belle is written by Luc Plamondon , author of the words of Starmania . The music is composed by Richard Cocciante , who also creates arrangements with Jannick Top and Serge Perathoner .

Belle is a romantic song in which the three singers, respectively playing Quasimodo (Garou), Frollo (Daniel Lavoie) and Phœbus (Patrick Fiori), successively proclaim their love for Esmeralda , before singing together the chorus.

The theme of the work is based on the novel Notre-Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo . In Chapter VI of Book 8, entitled Three Man’s Hearts , the three characters look at Esmeralda, sentenced to death. Phoebus, who is with his fiancée Fleur-de-Lys ( Julie Zenatti ), pale but remains at his side. Frollo offers her salvation as long as she becomes his wife. Finally, it is Quasimodo who saves Esmeralda.

There is an English version of the song, performed by Steve Balsamo, Garou and Daniel Lavoie. The work has also been translated among others into Russian, Italian and Spanish.

Francky Vincent produced a zouk version, accompanied by Thierry Cham and Jacques d’Arbaud.


In France

During 60 weeks the song is in the top 100 best sellers of the singles SNEP , which positions the second most singles have been longest in the rankings after U-turn (Lili) , of AaRON to 61 weeks. It ranks first in singles having been the longest in the top 50, with 49 weeks. At the 18 th week, she reached the first position of the ranking and became the first trio to. She will stay 18 weeks in first place, a record only beaten in 2000 by Mambo No. 5 , with 20 weeks.

In 1999, Belle was named Song of the Year at Victoires de la Musique .

Belle is the best selling single of the 1990s and the third best-selling of all time in France, with 2,500,000 copies 1 , 2 .

In Belgium

In Belgium, Belle is at the top of the Ultratop rankings for 6 weeks and will remain in the top 10 for 30 consecutive weeks. She leaves the ranking (top 40) after 44 weeks. It’s the best-selling single of the year in 1998 and the best-selling since 1995, for more than twenty years.

Rankings and certifications

Country ranking

Ranking (1998) Best
 Belgium (Wallonia Ultratop 50 Singles ) 3 1
 France ( SNEP ) 4 1

Year-end ranking

Ranking (1998) Position
 Belgium (Wallonia) 3 1
 France 4 1


Country certification
France ( SNEP ) 5 Diamond


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