Last Night DJ Saved My Life

Last Night has DJ Saved My Life is an Indeep song, composed by Michael Cleveland and sung by Rejane Magloire and Rose Marie Ramsey, released as a single in 1982 which has become an international disco hit. The song also includes a rap at the end, and several sound effects (squealing tires, ringing phone and the sound of a flush that is drawn) that appear on the …

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Just an Illusion

Just an Illusion is a post-disco songof the band Imagination , from the album In the Heat of the Night and released in 1982 . She comes second from the UK top. In France, it enters the ranking of the 20 best-selling titles in May 1982 and comes out in October 1 . After Body Talk and Flashback , this is the 3rd title of the group is ranked in France that year.

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I’m so excited

I’m So Excited is a song performed by The Pointer Sisters in the album Break Out  (en) in 1982 , written by Trevor Lawrence and The Pointer Sisters. She has also released as music from the movie Summer Lovers . I’m So Excited ranked # 30 pop in the United States. She will know an extended version of 5:40 (nº 28 dance in December 1982). She re-classifies in October 1984, No. 9 …

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