Diss song

A diss song , or diss track , or simply diss , is a song, almost exclusively rap , in slang , violent (even very violent), aiming at an attack against one or more other rappers ( Hit ‘Em Up de 2Pac , Autopsie 5 de La Fouine ), a blow of mouth ( J’t’mermerde of MC Jean Gab’1 ), a verbal answer to another diss ( Real Muthaphuckkin G’s of Eazy-E ). The word derives from disrespecting English . The verb “to say Comes from African-American English, …

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Send in the Clowns

Send in the Clowns is an American song by Glynis Johns , written and composed by Stephen Sondheim , from the musical A Little Night Music , and released in 1973 . Immediately taken up by Frank Sinatra , Cleo Laine , Bobby Short then by George Shearing , Jean Simmons and Shirley Bassey , it is re-recorded by Glynis Johns in 1975 and received theGrammy Award for Song of the Year . Send in the Clowns has since become a standard .

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The Kings of the world

The Kings of the World is a song sung by Philippe d’Avilla , Damien Sargue and Grégori Baquet . This is the second single from the musical Romeo and Juliet, from hate to love and the fourth track from the eponymous album. Released in July 2000, the song was a great success in France and Belgium, where it remained several months at the top of the charts.

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One Night in Bangkok

One Night in Bangkok is a single from British singer Murray Head , released in October 1984 . Extracted from the concept album for the musical Chess , the title is written by Tim Riceand Björn Ulvaeus and composed by Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus , One Night in Bangkok is performed by Head for the verses and by the singer and author. Swedishcomposer Anders Glenmark (en) for the choirs .

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