Songs of Auvergne

Chants d’Auvergne is a work of the composer Joseph Canteloube written between 1923 and 1930 and published between 1924 and 1955. It consists of five collections of traditional songs collected in Auvergne , which have been harmonized and orchestrated. The composer wrote his score for soprano and symphonic orchestra. He did not want to follow the original music to the letter or make the “authentic” …

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Inuit throat singing

The Inuit throat singing (or rather vocal game ) is an overtone singing playful practiced by women Inuit in the Arctic Canadian . Unlike throat singers from other parts of the world, such as Tibet , Mongolia or the Tuva Republic , Inuit artists are usually women and most often sing in duets. Traditionally, Inuit singing is a game, a kind of fun contest, where women get back together to see who will survive …

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Het Brussels moeselken

Brussels moeselken (the Bagpipe Brussels ), is a collection of songs in Dutch , published in Brussels in 1659 2 . A collection of Brussels songs The collection, published in Brussels by Gielis Stryckwant under the title Het Brussels Moeselken , pypende verscheyden vermakelycke Liedekens , minne – liedekens , herders-sanghen , dronckaers-liedekens , contains songs of poets and close friends Eustachius de Meyer and Petrus Suetmans 1 , 3 . The latter was probably born in Brussels and lived around the middle of the xvii th century 3 .

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The Boatmen of the Volga (song)

The Volga Boatmen is a famous Russian traditional song depicting the suffering of the lower classes of imperial Russia . It does not concern not only the Volga (the name of “ Volga “, which changes according to the rivers, is only a variant) but all the “ stooges ” (Russian burrows: mooring shooters, exploited like beasts by boat owners). The Russian titleis Эй, ухнем! ( Hey, ho hoist ) and it’s since Mili Balakirev listed it …

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