Pigalle (group)

Pigalle is a group of rock French , a native of Paris . He was trained in 1982 by François Hadji-Lazaro and bassist Daniel Hennion. Biography Pigalle was formed in 1982 , originally in the folk-rock vein , by the duo Daniel Hannion and François Hadji-Lazaro 1 . Running alongside Boys Butchers (where François Hadji-Lazaro also officiates), the group offers a style oscillating between rock, folk and realistic song, although some pieces of Pigalle are in a relatively punk vein as the …

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Edith Piaf

Edith Giovanna Gassion dit Edith Piaf , born on December 19 , 1915in Paris and died on October 10 , 1963in Grasse , is a singer , songwriter and actress French . Nicknamed “La Môme Piaf” at the beginning, she is at the origin of many successes that have become classics of the repertoire, such as La Vie en rose , No, I do not regret anything , Hymn to love , My legionnaire , The Crowd , My Lord , My God or the Accordionist .

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Poor Martin

Pauvre Martin is a Georges Brassens song, created in 1953, on the album Le Vent . Theme In this sad and melancholic song, inspired by the work of François Villon , Brassens evokes the situation of agricultural wage-earners and small landowners who work on a small farm and who derive the minimum living, modestly, without complaining.

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Worker girl

Daughter of Workers is a song by Jules Jouy written in 1898 on music by Gustave Goublier , conductor at Eldorado and Folies Bergère . She describes the condition of the workers , from their youngest age to their death, evoking hard work, lack of money, rape , prostitution , and final lapse.

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