Passe-Pipe (sometimes improperly spelled without dash and / or lowercase 1 ) is a group briochin music founded in 1990 by Louis-Pierre Guinard and Philippe Onfray, quickly joined by Daniel Riot 2 . The group then joined Gil Riot and Tonio Marinescu at the end of 1991, then Christophe Menguy and Christophe Lecouflet at the end of 1994, and finally Daniel Pabœuf in 1997. …

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Aristide Bruant

Aristide Bruant , born Aristide Louis Armand Bruand on May 6 , 1851in Courtenay in the Loiret and died on February 11 , 1925in Paris , is a singer and writer French . His popular songs, his stage presence, his hoarse and powerful voice, and his stature have made him a monument to French realistic song. It is considered one of the greatest poets of the slang of the late xix th century and beginning of the xx th century.

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Realistic song

The realistic song is a musical genre appeared in France at the beginning of the xx th century , and popularized during the interwar period by mainly female performers like Frehel , Damia or Edith Piaf . The recurring themes of his songs deal with dramatic subjects marked by a certain darkness, often inspired by the everyday life of the Parisian neighborhoods . Their characters are generally prisoners of their misery, of …

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