I want the world

I want the world is a song of the musical 1789: The Lovers of the Bastille , performed by Nathalia, released July 2, 2012. Composed by Rod Janois , William Rousseau , Jean-Pierre Pilot , Olivier Schultheis and Dove Attia and written by Vincent Baguian and Dove Attia , this song comes out as the third single. The single ranks in 2 charts from different countries inFrance and Belgium (Wallonia).

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I’ll Never Fall in Love Again

I’ll Never Fall in Love Again is an American song performed by Jerry Orbach and Jill O’Hara, composed by Burt Bacharach on lyrics by Hal David and taken from the musical Promises, Promises and Release in 1968 . Appointed to the Grammy Award for Song of the Year in 1969 , she became at the time a tube minor for Ella Fitzgerald and was ranked No o 6 in Billboard Hot 100 in a version of Dionne Warwick 1 and single number one in the UK Singles Chart in …

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