This Land Is Your Land

This Land Is Your Land is one of the most famous folk songsof the United States . The lyrics were written by Woody Guthrie in 1940 on an existing music, and that, in response to God Bless America by Irving Berlin he considered unrealistic and sufficient. Tired of hearing Kate Smith sing this song, he wrote a reply, God Blessed America for Me 1 , and changed the words in the interpretations, sometimes adding to …

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Por una Cabeza

Por una cabeza is a very famous tango composed in 1935 by Carlos Gardel on a text by Alfredo Le Pera . This work was originally composed in A major 1 . It was then adapted to the violin and the piano sometimes in A major 2 , 3 , sometimes in G major 4 , 5 . The main motif is probably inspired by Mozart’s work: the Rondo in C major for violin and orchestra, KV 373 (some …

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The valicha is a Peruvian song whose abbreviation quechua comes from the Spanish name Valeriana . It is the most traditional and popular of the Huaynos and is considered by the inhabitants of Cusco as the second hymn of the city. The composition of this theme was created in honor of a very popular woman from Cusco.

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Flemish Vivat

The so- called “Flemish” vivat is a song with half-French and half-Latin lyrics formerly (and sometimes still) sung during festivals or weddings in the north of France. This Flemish vivat has other functions; it is most often sung during wedding dinners, but it can also accompany a birthday (birth or marriage 1 ), or even a personal success (bac, permit, promotion …) [ref. necessary]

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