Inuit throat singing

The Inuit throat singing (or rather vocal game ) is an overtone singing playful practiced by women Inuit in the Arctic Canadian . Unlike throat singers from other parts of the world, such as Tibet , Mongolia or the Tuva Republic , Inuit artists are usually women and most often sing in duets. Traditionally, Inuit singing is a game, a kind of fun contest, where women get back together to see who will survive …

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Het Brussels moeselken

Brussels moeselken (the Bagpipe Brussels ), is a collection of songs in Dutch , published in Brussels in 1659 2 . A collection of Brussels songs The collection, published in Brussels by Gielis Stryckwant under the title Het Brussels Moeselken , pypende verscheyden vermakelycke Liedekens , minne – liedekens , herders-sanghen , dronckaers-liedekens , contains songs of poets and close friends Eustachius de Meyer and Petrus Suetmans 1 , 3 . The latter was probably born in Brussels and lived around the middle of the xvii th century 3 .

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The Boatmen of the Volga (song)

The Volga Boatmen is a famous Russian traditional song depicting the suffering of the lower classes of imperial Russia . It does not concern not only the Volga (the name of “ Volga “, which changes according to the rivers, is only a variant) but all the “ stooges ” (Russian burrows: mooring shooters, exploited like beasts by boat owners). The Russian titleis Эй, ухнем! ( Hey, ho hoist ) and it’s since Mili Balakirev listed it …

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