City of Stars is a song performed byRyan GoslingandEmma Stonein the musical byDamien Chazelle, La La Land 1 , film released in 2016 and has received numerous awards. The music is composed byJustin Hurwitz, author of the full score of the feature film, and the lyrics are by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul 1 .

City Of Stars won the 2017 Golden Globe for the best original song and the Oscar in the same category 2 .

Interpretation in the film

City of Stars is first performed by Ryan Gosling (jazz pianist Sebastian in the film) on the Los Angeles Hermosa Beach Pier. And a second time duet with Emma Stone (the aspiring actress Mia), at the moment when Sebastian is preparing to go on tour with the band of John Legend (Keith in the film).


Justin Hurwitz explains how he composed the music of City of Stars 3 :

“I started working on the song by making demos for Damien, sending him ideas as he went, waiting for something brilliant to emerge. It’s so funny that it’s this song, and Audition, which got the best response from the audience so far, because the process for both was equivalent in that it was the songs that probably had the least waste at the demo stage on the piano. They just had to compose it from an emotional point of view and think about the tone. I would say that she is both hopeful and melancholy. She’s swinging from a major mode to a minor one, because I think that’s what she’s dealing with. You have these great moments, and those less important moments in life in Los Angeles, and we see that this is what happens in the film. I was thinking about this idea, and I was trying to compose a melody that would be beautiful and harmonious. I imagine there are jazz accents in it because it


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