diss song , or diss track , or simply diss , is a song, almost exclusively rap , in slang , violent (even very violent), aiming at an attack against one or more other rappers ( Hit ‘Em Up de 2Pac , Autopsie 5 de La Fouine ), a blow of mouth ( J’t’mermerde of MC Jean Gab’1 ), a verbal answer to another diss ( Real Muthaphuckkin G’s of Eazy-E ). The word derives from disrespecting English . The verb “to say Comes from African-American English, although it is now used by people from all social and ethnic backgrounds. A diss song can be sung or rapped, or both.


There is confusion about exactly how to write the word. It is usually spelled “diss” and “dissing”, with two “s”, but some purists consider that “dis” and “dising”, with only one “s”, is its correct spelling, being of slang origin. The two “s” give it a more “correct” value orthographically speaking. Diss is however the most conventional spelling in the English language.


The first use of the word “dis” was recorded in 1985, in the song I Can not Live Without My Radio by LL Cool J : “Some jealous knuckleheads might try to dis”

Some people claim that the word “dis” has its origins in the early 1970s . It should also be noted that “dis” is also the slang form of “this”.

The term was used to produce a humorous effect in Weezer Buddy Holly’s first single , in 1995 , whose lyrics read, ” What’s with these homies dissin ‘my girl; why do they gotta front?  ”

Diss song in the world of rap

In hip-hop , a diss song or diss track is a song intentionally intended to verbally attack and insult a person or group of people. The diss songs are an inseparable part of the rivalries between rap scenes (west, is for the most part) and rap groups, even between icons of different scenes (for example, Tupac Shakur and The Notorious BIG , Eazy-E and Dr. Dre , Nas and Jay-Z , Eminem with Benzino , Ja Rule , Everlast or Canibus andG-Unit against The Game ). One of the oldest examples of this type of song is The Bridge is Over by Boogie Down Productions .

In some cases, the diss song may take the form of a parody of another song. An example would be No Pigeons by Sporty Thievz , which parodies the hit TLC , No Scrubs .