Dixie , also known as I Wish I Was in Dixie or Dixie’s Land , is apopular American song . It was originally composed by an Ohio singer, Daniel Decatur Emmett, under the name of Dixie’s Land and was first published by Phillip Werlein in New Orleans in 1859. The word Dixie is the nickname given to the South of the United States .

This air becomes very popular under the name of Dixie and is quickly identified with the nostalgic image and ideology of the southern states. He was the unofficial anthem of the Confederate soldiers (southerners), the counterpoint of The Battle Hymn of the Republic of northern soldiers during the Civil War .

The choir and the first verse are still well known in much of the southern United States. The additional worms are very rarely heard.


Original version

I wish I was in the land of cotton,
Old times are not forgotten;
Look away! Look away! Look away, Dixie’s Land!
In Dixie’s Land, I was born in,
Early on one morning frosty,
Look away! Look away! Look away, Dixie’s Land!

Then I wish I was in Dixie! Hooray! Hooray!In Dixie’s Land I’ll take my stand, live and die in Dixie!Away!Away!Away down South in Dixie!Away!Away!Away down South in Dixie!Old Missus married “Will the Weaver”; William was a gay deceiver! Look away! Look away! Look away, Dixie’s Land! But when he puts his arm around her, Smiled as proud to forty-pounder! Look away! Look away! Look away, Dixie