Ederlezi is a song presented by most of its performers as a traditional folk song ofthe Balkan Roma . It refers to the day of St. George’s Day (Ederlezi). However, it does not appear for the first time until 1988 on the soundtrack of the film The Time of the Gypsies , attributed to Goran Bregović who claims to have composed the music from two couplets of traditional Albanian songs. It seems that the song is a more collaborative work and also draws on earlier songs 1 . The lyrics of this song vary in different languages.

The Serbs allegedly sang it on St. George’s Day (Đurđevdan) in 1942 on the train from Sarajevo to the Jasenovac concentration camp in Croatia 2 , 3 .

The words and their meanings

Romany French
Its amala (h) oro k (h) elena
Oro k (h) elena, oro k (h) elena, dǐve kerena
Ao (av) tano daje, amaro dǐve
Amaro dive, Ederlezi
Sa me amala oro k (h) elena
Oro kelena, dive kerenaEeee … j,
His o Rroma babo babo
His o Rroma o daje
His o Rroma babo babo
Eeee Ederlezi, Ederlezi
His o Rroma daje

His o Rome babo, e bakren ćhinen
To (j) me ćhorro, dural beśava

Babo k anas, amenqe bakro
Sa o Rroma, babo, e bakren ćhinen
Eeee, … j
Sa o Rroma babo babo
Sa o Rroma o daje
Sa o Rroma babo babo
Eeee Ederlezi, Ederlezi
Sa o Rroma daje

All my friends will dance the oro
They will dance the oro, they will dance the oro, they celebrate the day.
The day has already come, mom, our day.
Our day, Ederlezi
All my friends will dance the oro
They will dance the oro, they celebrate the day.Eeee … j,
All Rroms, dad, dad
All Rroms mom,
All Rroms, dad, dad
Eeee Ederlezi, Ederlezi,
All Rroms, mom

All Rroms, dad, sacrifice sheep
But me, poor boy, I have to stay away

You’ll bring dad, a sheep for us.
All Rroms, dad, sacrifice sheep

Eeee … j,
All Rroms, dad, dad
All Rroms mom,
All Rroms, dad, dad
Eeee Ederlezi, Ederlezi,
All Rroms, mom

The music

Several musical versions also exist. Some external links to the partitions:

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Versions and interpretations

  • filming The Time of the Gypsies . The soundtrack of the movie Time of the Gypsies is released in disc on. On this version in Romani Vaska Jankovska begins to sing a cappella the story of a young man forced to stay away during the Ederlezi . Of brass and a mixed choir come then carry the voice for the rest of the song, largely inspired by the songs and gypsy music.
  •  : Serbo-Croatian version Đurđevdan I Ja Nisam S Onom Koju Volim performed by Bijelo dugme, of which Goran Bregović was the guitarist on the album Ćiribiribela Ćiribiribela ( Diskoton, LP-8333). In this version, a young man mourns his lost love on St. George’s Day.
  •  : version of Ysa Ferrer in the album Kamikaze at Polidor .
  •  : version of the band Klezmo-copter in the album Nunu! .
  •  : Polish version under the title Nie ma, nie ma ciebie in Goran Bregović’s album with singer Kayah . It’s a winter song for Christmas ! Diamond disc: over 700,000 copies sold. Kayah i Bregović
  •  : version of the Italian band CSI Consorzio Suonatori Indipendenti in the album Noi Non Ci Saremo Vol.1 . Noi no ci saremo Vol. 1
  •  : orchestral version close to the original by the Boban Marković Orkestar in the album Live in Belgrad at Piranha.
  •  : orchestral version by Nigel Kennedy with the band Kroke in the album East meets East .
  •  : orchestral version by Sacha Puttnam in the album Remasterpiece .
  •  : version sung by Norig [1]  [ archive ] in the Gadji album at L’autre distribution.
  •  : Punk-Opera by Emir Kusturica and The No Smoking Orchestra in the album Time of The Gypsies .
  • 2008: version of the group Arther sung by Camille Bosse, on their eponymous album
  •  : version of the Polish group Dikanda [2]  [ archive ] in the album Usztijo .
  •  : orchestral version in contemporary jazz by the group BoZilo in the album BoZilo Live .
  •  : version sung by Mónika Juhász Miczura Mónika Juhász Miczura in the album Mitsoura Dura Dura Dura .
  •  : orchestral version by the Jascha Lieberman Trio in the album The Bats Gallery .
  •  : version sung by Yiannis Kotsiras [3]  [ archive ] in the album Live 2010 .
  •  : version sung by Plume in the album The missing link .
  •  : version sung by Catherine Lara in the album Au coeur de l’âme Yiddish .
  •  : version sung by Mónika Juhász Miczura with the band Bratsch in the album Rien dans les pockets . According to the libretto of this album the song is rom of the South Albanian.
  •  : version sung by the Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra [4]  [ archive ] in the album Inbarca .
  •  : orchestral version by The Moors in the album Meltdown .
  •  : version sung by Magda Brudzińska  [ archive ] with her Klezmer trio in the album Sztejtel  [ archive ] .
  •  : version sung by Maria Mazotta in the album Ura
  •  : version sung duet by Siostry Matkowskie  [ archive ] (sisters Matkowski) in the album Lela Pala Tute at Sony.

This song has been the subject of many other occasions including those of Amina [ref. necessary] , Emel Mathlouthi [ref. necessary] , etc.

The success of this song both among the Roma communities of the Balkans and in other countries was at the time [What?] A surprise [ref. necessary] .

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