Fear and Interests is a Serge Lama song, released in 1982 on the double album J’assume tout – Napoléon . Serge Lama is the author and Yves Gilbert the composer. It is sung by Serge Lama in the musical Napoleon , created on stage in 1984 at the Théâtre Marigny .

Place of the song in the show

The song takes place in the first act. We are in 1800-1801 and Bonaparte has just been elected First Consul .


The First Consul Bonaparte explains to his chamberlain, in a cynical tone, that at all times, “the two levers of power are fear and interests,” and that “we can hold the whole earth by fear and the interests “, which is the leitmotif of the song, repeated in each chorus.

He compares men to dogs, who follow those who feed them and who are afraid of the stick.

He asserts that all the heads of state of the world thus govern, from Italy to Germany via the Pope, as well as the least farmers on their sharecroppers: “It is necessary to dominate the men, or of the grip or money “.

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