Good Times is a Chic songcomposed and produced by Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards and released in July 1979 as a single and on their album Risqué . In August that year, the title becomes the second N o 1 group after Le Freak , both in the classification Billboard Hot 100 and in the standings soul / R & B 1

Magnified by a famous line from a low of Bernard Edwards who is actually his real signing , Good Times became one of the songs sampled in the music industry, particularly in the rap and hip-hop . In 1979, the band Sugarhill Gang used it to record the first rap in history to meet an international commercial success, Rapper’s Delight 1 , and Queen is largely inspired by its tube Another One Bites the Dust , as in 1982 Captain Sensible for his song Wot, which also meets with great success.

On tour, in the 2010s, Good Times is always played in last piece by Nile Rodgers & Chic and gives the opportunity to the group to invite the public on stage, the concerts ending with dozens of people dancing to the sound of the song among musicians 2 .

In the media

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  • 2010 : The original Mac – soundtrack


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