Horehronie is a Slovak pop music , composed by Martin Kavulič with the words of the poet Kamil Peteraj and performed by Kristina , this song is also the representative song of Slovakia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 . This song won the Slovak Eurosong 2010 Music Competition on February 27th, earning the most votes on tele-voting and second place by the jury. However, the song failed to qualify to the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 in the first semi-final on 25 May, obtaining the 16 th instead of 17 competitors.

This song is a tribute to the Horehronie  (sk) region of central Slovakia.

Single Tracks

Here are the versions of the different tracks of the Single.

o title duration
1. Horehronie (Radio Edit) 3:00
2. Horehronie (Extended) 4:40
3. Horehronie (Acoustic Version) 4:01
4. Horehronie (KaMa Remix Radio Edit) 3:41
5. Horehronie (KaMa Remix Extended) 6:35
6. Horehronie (CJ Macintosh & MamboDJ Sirius Club Remix) 6:40
7. Horehronie (Karaoke) 3:00
8. Stonka (Radio Edit) 3:28
9. Stonka (Acoustic Version) 3:38
10. Stonka (KaMa Remix Radio Edit) 3:20
11. Stonka (KaMa Remix Extended) 6:31


Rankings (2010) Best
 Czech republic 2
 Slovakia 1