I Want Your Love is a song of the American group Chic from their second album, C’est Chic released in 1978. It was composed by Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers . Alfa Anderson is the solo voice, assisted by Luci Martin. The song became a success 1 , following their iconic The Freak .

In the US, I Want Your Love was ranked number 1 in the Dance Club Songs of Billboard in November 1978 2 and number 5 in the Hot R & B / Hip-Hop Songs in June 1979 3 . It peaked at th place in the ranking Billboard Hot 100 in May 1979 and stayed in the standings 19 weeks 4 . In the UK , the song reached the th place (the highest position of all the Chic singles), and spent 11 weeks in the rankings.

I Want Your Love is written in the tone of A minor .

Critical reception

“[The song] swirls around a subtle interwinding riff of brass and string that rises and rises until the piece gets into levitation,” said Rolling Stone 5 .

Jason Birchmeier of AllMusic called the song a “timeless hit of dancefloors” and a “dancefloor anthem” 6 .

Amy Hanson of AllMusic: “The sweet and rhythmic sequel to epic success The Freak , I Want Your Love , turned out to be a full-fledged hit in early 1979. And although from a commercial point of view it did not hit you like the previous one, it was amazing, and the best example of the ease with which Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers were in osmosis to write a song. Simple, yet extraordinarily elaborate, it is a bitter and autobiographical lament of a non-reciprocal love by Nile Rodgers. The four-note gimmick that dominates the piece is played by bells throughout the intro, before being timed by the strings, which lead the melody. Repeated by the brass and voice, slightly melancholy burden ” I want your love, I need your love ” was the passionate repetition that made the song an endearing and endless spiral – a sonic masterpiece 7 . ”

Reversal, remixes and samplings

  • Paul Rutherford (former member of Frankie Goes to Hollywood ), took over “I Want Your Love” on his 1989 solo album, Oh World .
  • Former Today member Big Bub sampled “Need Your Love” with Queen Latifah and Heavy D on his 1997 album, Timeless .
  • The electro musician Ali Love , took over the title on his 2007 release, Secret Sunday Lover .
  • Variety performer Quentin Elias , took over the title on his album in 2010.
  • The RnB duo and hip-hop Navigators released their third hit single Superstar , which samples the bass of “I Want Your Love”. “Superstar” reached 20th place in the Swedish standings, and stayed there for 1 week.
  • Sampled in 2010 in the title Fashion Beats by The Black Eyed Peas , from the album The Beginning .
  • In 2015, Lady Gaga and Nile Rodgers recorded a version of this song for Tom Ford’s spring / summer 2016 promotional video , directed by Nick Knight. Ford first asked Rodgers to update the songs, and then recruited Lady Gaga for the vocal parts. The video was first published on Ford’s official website .


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