Irene Hilda is a French-American singer , dancer , actress and television producer born onin Richmond , Virginia in the United States and died on.


Irene was born December 8, 1920 in Richmond, where her parents had emigrated during the First World War , after the birth of her older brother Bernard.

His career began at the age of 10 in Europe and is also growing in the United States .

She and her family returned to France in 1926 to allow Bernard to continue his violin studies .

Returning to the Americas during the second war in 1940 , she returned to a brilliant career, as well as to Canada . She enlisted in the American army, at the theater of armies, to search for her brother Bernard, a refugee, given for dead in Spain . She is sent to Greenland . With the French troops , she arrives at Omaha Beach, then goes to Belgium where she is stuck in the pocket of Bastogne and finally in Germany where she attends the Nuremberg trial . She wrote a manuscript on this period 1939-1946.

After the war, she continued a great international career of singing tours and magazines, performed many operettas (including Ignace with Fernandel) and musicals (in London Can-Can Cole Porter, the tunes “I love Paris” and ” oh la! la! la! it’s beautiful “) and appears in the cinema .

It also produces entertainment programs for French television, produced videos for entertainment the th age (through its Acotel association) plays at the theater, cinema and television, hosts radio shows.


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  • 1948 : Ignace of Jean Manse , music Roger Dumas , staged Georgé , Theater of the Star with Fernandel


  • 1950 : Box for sale , short film by Claude-André Lalande
  • 1984 : The Blood of others by Claude Chabrol – (Concierge Gigi)
  • PJ : 1 episode in 1997
  • Les Cordier, judge and cop : 1 episode in 1999 and 1 in 2001