Magnolias for Ever is asongbyClaude Françoisrecorded in 1977. The lyrics are ofÉtienne Roda-Giland music of Claude François andJean-Pierre Bourtayre.

She was released in singles in November 1977 1 and on the album Magnolias for Ever in December 1977.

From the moment Claude François asked Roda-Gil to write him songs “à texte”, the critics, usually scathing with the singer, became interested in him and emphasized his professionalism [ref. necessary] .

The single sold, according to InfoDisc, to 784,000 copies in 1977 2 .

Group 2Be3 took over the title in 1997; he appears with new arrangements on the second edition of their album Partir un jour , released the same year. In 2003 the title is again taken again for the musical Belles belles belles , staged by Redha based on the songs of Claude François.

In 2016, M Pokora took over song 3 .

Magnolias For Ever is also the title of the last album of Claude François, released during his lifetime, whose unity of musical style is disco. The singer had already begun a disco turn with the song Je vais à Rio released a few months earlier, in May 1977.

List of titles

o title Author (s) Orchestra duration
1. Magnolias for Ever Etienne Roda Gil, Jean-Pierre Bourtayre, Claude François Raymond Gimenes and Jean-Claude Petit 4:15
2. And I love you so much (Original title: And I Love You So 4 ) Don McLean Jean-Claude Petit 3:49

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