The Gruuthuse manuscript is a collection of works literary and songs in Dutch means whose oldest nucleus probably dates back to 1395 or so, while the more recent contributions (unfinished) would date from about 1408 . It was probably part of Louis de Gruuthuse’s library .

Presentation of the manuscript of Gruuthuse


The manuscript is the sole source of a large number of texts in Middle Dutch . Since 2007 , it is preserved in The Hague in the Royal Library (signature 79 K 10).

The manuscript contains 147 songs , 18 poems and 7 rhymed prayers . Among the songs, the famous song of Aegis (perhaps dedicated to a renowned singer of his time) and that of Kerels (The Song of Villains).

The Lord of Gruuthuse

After its discovery to 1840 is often referred to the manuscript as that of songs and poems “old Flanders ” ( Oudvlaemsch ), but during the xx th century , it was named after its first documented owner, patrician and diplomat Louis de Gruuthuse (circa 1422 – 1492 ), whose coat of arms is represented in the lower margin of the first page. The Lord of Gruuthuse was a great collector of manuscripts (see the manuscript Froissart), Although it ORIENTAT almost exclusively to works of manuscripts illuminated contemporaries in French . A manuscript containing neither French texts nor illuminations was exceptional in his collection.

It was not until the xvii th century or xviii th century an unknown affixed on the manuscript at a time the name, crest and motto bilingual ( More is You / Meer is in V ) of the lord of Gruuthuse , as well as some comments about the latter ‘s adherence to the Order of the Golden Fleece . The manner in which the manuscript came into the possession of the Croeser family before joining the van Caloen family library remains an unsolved problem.

General characteristics

The manuscript contains a vast collection of songs with simple practical musical notation , analogous to the neumes of Gregorian chant . The measured notation is limited to one song. In addition, there are prayers rhymed and some poems allegorical for an elite circle of lovers of literature belonging to an urban environment aristocratic clean the city of Bruges in early xv th century . The sobriety of the manuscriptprobably indicates a practical application. The various texts are intended for immediate use by a closed circle of rhetoricians or connoisseurs of music.

Acquisition by the Royal Library of the Netherlands

The the newspapers reported that the Royal Library of The Netherlands at The Hague had purchased this manuscript 1 , which had previously been privately owned at Castle Ten Berghe in Koolkerke , near Bruges , where it was part of the van Caloen family collection. By purchasing the manuscript , it is now public property and its contents are now available in digital on the website Royal Library. This is one of the key pieces of this site. The Huygens Institute in The Hague cooperated withtranscription of all text of the manuscript, while providing them with an introduction to the content and audio files of some songs by ensembles Dutch and Belgian of early music : all Fala Música , the Studio Laren , the whole Paul Rans and the Camerata Trajectina .



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Compact discs entirely devoted to the repertoire of Gruuthuse manuscript songs, performed by early music ensembles :

  • Egidius waer bestu bleven  [ archive ] , Paul Rans Ensemble, 1992 , Eufoda 1170.
  • Gruuthuse , Ultreya & Pandora², 2013 , Marista.
  • Liefde, leven en devotie: poëzie uit het Gruuthusehandschrift , Fala Música , CD accompanying the book: ( nl ) BRINKMAN, Herman (dir.). Amersfoort , Bekking & Blitz, 2013 , 96 p. ( ISBN  978-90-610-9463-0 ) .

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