Mòlìhuā (Chinese: 茉莉花, pinyin: Mòlìhuā, French: jasmine flower ), is a famous Chinese folk song written under Emperor Qianlong (1711-1799) of the Qing Dynasty . This song occupies a very high position in the Chinese folk songs, it is very widely resumed abroad.

The song has a long history and exists in several versions. The best known from Jiangsu Province , the other from Zhejiang Province . They have different lyrics and a slightly different melody.

Mòlìhuā was introduced to Japan in Nagasaki during the Edo period by Chinese traders and became a local song.

Notorious interpretations

Missionary Fu Shin Christian Hymn “Song reputation of Jesus” is written and based on the melody of Mòlìhuā, this hymn is elected to “Ode in the name of the main saint” in 1911. [unclear]Giacomo Puccini introduces the melody in his opera Turandot (1926) and diffuse it in the West.

In 1959 Molihua is played at th World Festival of Youth and Students in Vienna by the China Youth Troupe [What?] .

The During the ceremony of transfer of sovereignty from Macau to China, Mòlìhuā was played by military music .

The song was used during the awards ceremony at the Olympic Summer Games 2008 in Beijing . At the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai , a Japanese pavilion robot plays Mòlìhuā on the violin.

Japanese singer of Okinawa , Natsukawa Rimi , the interpreter in Chinese and translated into Japanese under the title Jasmine no hana ( ジャスミンの花 , Jasumin no hana ? , Jasmine flower ) in a double album Chinese song interpretation Japanese on the first disc and in original version on the second disc released in 2010.

The it was performed in Oslo during the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo . In 2013 , she is performed by Celine Dion and Song Zuying at the CCTV New Year Gala 1 .

Lyrics ( simplified chinese / pinyin / french )

Ǎ y
y f
Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y rén rén rén rén rén rén rén rén rén rén rén rén rén rén rén rén rén rén rén rén rén rén rén
rén rén
rén rén rén
rén rén rén rén
rénHǎo yī duǒ Molihua
hǎo yī duǒ Molihua
mǎn yuán huā Xiangxiang yě xiāng bú guò tā
wǒ yǒuxīn cǎi yī duǒ dai
you pa pang xiao ren hua
wǒ yǒuxīn cǎi yī duǒ dai
yòu pà láinián bù Faya
What a beautiful jasmine flower!
What a beautiful jasmine flower!
Branches loaded with beautiful scented flowers
Odorful and white, everyone is ecstatic.
Let me pick you,
and offer you to some other home.
Jasmine flower, jasmine flower ah.
What a jasmine flower!
What a jasmine flower!
A whole garden of fragrant flowers does not surpass its fragrance.
I want to pick one to wear it on me,
but I’m afraid we’re making fun of me.
I want to pick one to wear it on me,
but I fear that next year it will not budge.

Notes and references

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