The Nederlandse Liederenbank is a database of digital the song Dutch , containing more than 150 000 Dutch songs from the Middle Ages to the xx th century , among other traditional songs , the children’s songs , the Christmas carols , songs for Saint-Nicolas , love songs, sea songs , bawdy songs, songs of beggars and religious songs .

The Nederlandse Liederenbank

Brief History

The Nederlandse Liederenbank is a project of the Dutch Song Documentation and Research Center ( DOC Lied ), a component of the Meertens Institute (Research Institute of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences ).

The development of this database started in 1954 with the creation of the Nederlands Volksliedarchief , which eventually merged with the Meertens Institute. An important source was the Onder collection by Groene Linde (Under the linden green ), made by Ate Doornbosch. Since 1999 , the data has been digitized under the direction of Louis Peter Grijp. Since 2007 , the Liederenbank is available to the public on the Internet .

Dutch songs online

From 2009 to 2013 , under the motto Dutch Songs On Line ( “Dutch Songs Online “), working with a large database containing the words of Dutch songs from the period before 1900 , which are integrated the data of the Digital Library Dutch letters and Liederenbank 1 .

Audio files of Dutch songs

In November 2014 , on the occasion of 40 th anniversary of the Camerata Trajectina , were added to the website of containing audio files all tracks LPs or compact of this early music ensemble and audio files from recordings their concerts by radio stations ; these files enrich the approximately 5,000 audio files of recordings of songs collected by Ate Doornbosch, as well as the literary canon of the song Dutch and the vocal performance of the first verse or verse of each psalm of the Souterliedekens collection of 1540 2 , 3



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