One Way Ticket is a song performed byNeil Sedaka, written byJack KellerandHank Hunter.

She was originally included in the B-side of 1959 singles Oh! Carol of Sedaka. In 1961, the song was selected in the list of titles of his third studio album, Neil Sedaka Little Devil Sings and His Other Hits , but was never released as a stand-alone single. Despite this, she came in first place on the Japanese pop charts.


One Way Ticket has been repeated several times:

  • a disco version sung by the group Eruption in 1979;
  • a French version (title: Every time ) sung by Evy in 1963
  • a Polish version (title: Bilet w jedną stronę ) sung by Helena Majdaniec i Czerwono Czarni in 1963
  • an Estonian version (title: Viimne pintail ) sung by Anne Veski
  • a Russian version (title: Синий, синий иней ) sung by the band Zdravstvuy Pesnya

Version of Eruption

One Way Ticket
Single from Eruption
from the album Leave a Light
duration 3:35
Kind Disco
Producer Frank Farian
Rainer M. Ehrhardt
Label Hansa


One Way Ticket was also sung by the disco group Eruption , and appears in their second album, Leave a Light . The title is produced by Frank Farian , the producer of Boney M , which gives it a sound close to the songs sung by this group. The song became a big hit in Europe in the first half of 1979, reaching the top 10. One Way Ticket is now one of the band’s best-known songs, with their revival of I can not stand the rain .

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