Signore delle cime (French : Lord of the Peaks ) is a musical work composed in1958byBepi De Marzi 1 in tribute to his comrade Bepi Bertagnoli tragically disappeared in the mountains in1951in theupper valley of Chiampo  (it) 2 .



Having become a worldwide success of choral singing , the song has been translated into many languages. Traditionally, only the first two stanzas are sung. The song is repeated each year, at the festival of the National Rally of the Alpins  (it) note 1 , the population mingling with the choir directed by a choir leader 3 , 4 .

The simplicity of the song and the great emotional impact have integrated it into the repertoire of many polyphonic choirs (like the I Crodaioli choir of Arzignano , founded in 1958 by De Marzi) and popular. The easy melody , accompanied by traditional harmonies , is combined with a text that represents sensation, popular piety and Christian devotion.


Dio del cielo, Signore delle summit,

A nostro amico hai chiesto alla montagna.

My ti preghiamo, my ti preghiamo

Su nel Paradiso, su nel paradiso

Lascialo andare per the mountain kills.

Santa Maria, Signora della neve,

Copri col bianco, soffice mantello,

He nostro amico, he nostro fratello.

Su nel Paradiso,

Lascialo andare per the mountain kills.

Notes and references


  1. ↑ This festival takes place in mid-May, every year since 1920.


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