I want the world

I want the world is a song of the musical 1789: The Lovers of the Bastille , performed by Nathalia, released July 2, 2012. Composed by Rod Janois , William Rousseau , Jean-Pierre Pilot , Olivier Schultheis and Dove Attia and written by Vincent Baguian and Dove Attia , this song comes out as the third single. The single ranks in 2 charts from different countries inFrance and Belgium (Wallonia).

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It will be fine my love

It’s Going My Love is a song performed by French singer Rod Janois released November 3, 2011 as the first single of the musical 1789: The Lovers of the Bastille . The song was composed by Dove Attia , Rod Janois , William Rousseau , Jean-Pierre Pilot and Olivier Schultheis . The lyrics have been written by Dove Attia and Vincent Baguian . The video clip is out October 27, 2011 The single ranks in …

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