La Tolosenca ( La Toulousaine ou Ò mon país ) is an Occitan songwritten by Lucien Mengaud with music by Louis Deffès composed in 1845.

The original poem is written by Lucien Mengaud in Occitan Occitan spoken mostly in Toulouse, in the spelling used at the time. The notions of “country” are then rather vague since the text speaks of “Gascon language” while Toulouse is located in Gascony only in its part on the left bank of the Garonne. The title itself is most often “La Toulousaine” or in its patoisante form La Toulousaino.

The Toulouse quickly became a great success and became the unofficial anthem of the city of Toulouse. It is played and sung during all events of some importance, and especially for the Toulouse Singing Competition.

This song inspired Claude Nougaro for his song Toulouse .


Ò my country! Ò my country! Ò Tolosa, Tolosa!
Ah, how many flors, how many flors, how
dear, how good is your solelh d’aur!
Al ready for you, near you,
the anma feels urosa,
e tot aicí e tot aicí me join the heart. (bis)

May you be proud of many academia,
monuments , and monuments that you will find here!
From your name, poesias
and your cant for a long time!
Aimi tanbés nòstra lenga gascona
that so much our dona de gaitat!

Ò! What a plan of heaps of brunas grisetas
tin florit, the sorrire malin,
lor pel lusent, polize manetas
when polits pès e lor look teasing!
As soon as I saw my heart, my heart
ached and my sorrow overcame me.

At all times the Erba looked like a fresco,
the parpalhòl was decorated with colors, and was
almost his claufidis of flors;
The groves and shrubs are reclaimed from
the grove and the grove.

Of all the warriors whose nobility has
come to fade the front of the Saracens,
of the pride of the Independence,
and of all time in the country.
Ò! I was so proud of my vila, so
much raped that so much, remembered her.