What mazzolin di fiori is anItalianfolk song composed by an anonymous author in1904. The text, inItalianand partly inLombardy, consists of sixquatrains.


Although without any relation to the war, the song was the most sung by the Alps during the First World War and became famous all over Italy 1 . In 1955-56 Sunday radio broadcast of Dino Verde  (it) and Renzo Tarabusi  (it)for the Italian Armed Forces went on the air with the title What mazzolin di fiori . The song was part of the Gigliola Cinquetti album in 1972 Su e giù per le montagne 2 and was engraved in 1974 in the album ofTopo Gigio  (it)Topo Gigio in Canzonissima . It is performed in France by Les Compagnons de la chanson and re-released in 2005 on the album Nos Jeunes Années published by Marianne Mélodie 3 .

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