Xiao pingguo ( Chinese :小 苹果 , pinyin : xiǎo píngguǒ , literally: ”  Little apple “), also known as the English title, Little Apple ) is a song of the Kuaizi Xiongdi (筷子 兄弟 , “chopsticks brothers” (chopsticks brothers “in English), Xiao Yang and Wang Taili ), released as single onin the People’s Republic of China , whose original purpose was the promotion of a film 1 .

The clip

The video begins with a session cosmetic surgery of a young girl played by the singer of K-pop , Bae Seul-ki  (in) (in Korean 배슬기 ) in South Korea . The rest of the clip is essentially in a kind of garden of Eden where the two musicians interpret their song in the outfit of Adam and Eve , while dancers led by Bae Seul-ki perform a Danse de place . Some flashbacks on the protagonists’ youth during the Korean War are also visible.

The video clip’s dialogues are in Korean while the music is fully sung in standard Mandarin .

Successful clip and music

It has a certain success and becomes ubiquitous in the dances of the country, especially among the old ladies who dance in the big squares of the cities of the country to keep the shape ( Danse de place or Guangchang wu 广场 舞 , guǎngchǎng wǔ ). The video is played hundreds of millions of times on different online video sites 2 . The police and the military also interpret it in their health exercises 1 .

The music got high scores in the statistics of favorite tracks in China. In July 2014, he was number one in the global top of Chinese music ( simplified Chinese : 全球 中文 音乐 榜 ) of the Central Television of China (CCTV) broadcast every Saturday 3 .

In November 2014, the song counted 500 million views, all sites combined and remained 16 weeks number one of the most watched videos in China 4

The song received the International Song Award at the American Music Awards 2014 in Los Angeles 5 .

reinterpretation and parodies

The , the Korean group T-ara releases a cover of the song on its Youtube channel, the majority of the song is translated into Korean, only part of the chorus remains in Mandarin, the clip reaches 2 million views 24 days in China on the channel Youku 4 . The “chopstick brothers” also perform in duet with T-ara.


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