Ya Mustapha , sometimes spelled Ya Mustafa ( Arabic يا مصطفى), and sometimes named after her chorus Darling I love you, honey I adore you , is an Egyptian song, whose origins are poorly known. The lyrics are composed in three different languages: Arabic , French and Italian . There is also a Greek version( Μουσταφά ) and a Turkish version, very popular in these countries.

History and style

This song bears the mark of the cosmopolitan society of the city of Alexandria , Egypt , since the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869, until Nasser came to power . Many communities lived there, either of European origin ( Italians , Greeks , French , Levantines ), or from the Egyptian minorities ( Jews , Copts ). Thus, the music of this song is Greek, and the French, Italian and Arabic lyrics. The story takes place in the European district of Attarine Street 1 , 2 .

Lyrics 3

Honey I love you honey I adore you,
como salsa del pomodoro. ( Like tomato sauce )
Ya Mustafa, ya Mustafa ( Oh, Mustapha, Oh, Mustapha )
Ana bahebbak, ya Mustafa ( I love you Mustapha )
Sabaa senin fel Attarin, ( Seven years Attarine street )
Delwa’aty geina At Maxim’s ( Now, we’re dining at Maxim’s )

Taala Ya Mustafa, ya ibn El Sarhan ( Come Mustapha, we’re El Sarhan’s sons )
Guib ta’mira agami we leff ‘al giran ( Bring the Hookah pot and pass it to your neighbors. )
W amma yigi keifo keifo (When he gets high )
Yeshrab ala keifo keifo ( He can drink at will. )

When I saw you on the balcony
You told me go up and do not do it.
Dear, I love you dear I adore you,
como the salsa del pomodoro

Ya Mustafa, ya Mustafa ( Oh, Mustapaha, Oh, Mustapha )
Ana bahebbak, ya Mustafa ( I love you Mustapha )
Sabaa senin fel Attarin, ( Seven years old Attarine street )
Delwa’aty geina At Maxim’s ( Now we’re dining at Maxim’s )

You lit me up with a match
And you made me lose my head
Dear, I love you dear I adore you,
como pomodoro salsa ( Like tomato sauce )

Ya Mustafa, ya Mustafa
Ana bahebbak, ya Mustafa
Sabaa senin fel Attarin,
Delwa’aty geina Chez Maxim


This song has been performed by different singers:

  • It can be heard in several Egyptian films , shot in the 50’s and 60 4 .
  • In the 50s, it was popularized in France by Dario Moreno , a native of the Jewish community in Turkey .
  • Lebanese singer Bob Azzam was successful in France, but also in the UK (he stayed 14 weeks in the UK Singles Chart and it reached the 23 th place) and in Spain (number 1 on the charts in 1960), thanks to this title, in 1960.
  • In 1960, singer Pied-noir Alberto Staiffi  (it) resumed the song in his own way.
  • In Spain, besides the version of Bob Azzam, that of José Guardiola  (es) also knew a huge success, still in 1960.
  • Catalan trumpet player Rudy Ventura gave a Catalan version in the early 1960s under the title Mustafà català 5 .
  • Davey Graham , British guitarist of folk and blues , included this song in his album Folk, Blues and Beyond  (in) , released in 1964.
  • Singer and actor Kyu Sakamoto also recorded this song 6 .
  • Bruno Gigliotti (aka Orlando , brother of Dalida ) also played this song 7 .
  • Dalida herself interpreted it.
  • Nenad Jovanovic interpreted it in Serbo-Croat 8 .
  • Jimmy Page , Led Zeppelin’s guitarist in White Summer / Black Mountainside ( Led Zeppelin Remasters 1 ), gave a version.
  • In 1975, the Turkish-Cypriot actress and singer Nil Burak performed it.
  • For the Indian film Aatish released in 1994, the composer Nadeem-Shravan adapted it. Jolly Mukherjee  (in) , Mukul Aggarwal and Alka Yagnik are the interpreters.
  • Angélica María , Mexican-American singer and actress, recorded the song in her 1983 album La Magia by Angélica María .

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