You Sexy Thing is a song of the British band Hot Chocolate . It is written by its leader, Errol Brown , and produced by Mickie Most . She reached second place in the UK Singles Chart in 1975 and third in Billboard Hot 100 the following year. The song then appears in many movies like The Full Monty .


Initially, the song is a B side . Not convinced that it will be a success, the producer puts it behind the single Blue Night . The song is remixed later and Most reissues it as a single a few months later on his label RAK Records . The song becomes a success and the best known of the group. In the UK, the song ranks second, behind Bohemian Rhapsody of Queen 1 .

A remix of Ben Liebrand  (en) ranks tenth in 1987 2 . He finished sixth in 1997 at the release of The Full Monty 3 . We hear this song at first when Gaz (played by Robert Carlyle ) starts a striptease to convince that he can do it too.

We also hear You Sexy Thing in Boogie Nights , Reservoir Dogs , The Bicentennial Man , The Gourmet Colo , Rat Race , Hey man! Where is my box? Deuce Bigalow: Gigolo at any cost , One night in New York , Big Mamma: From father to son , Buddies forever , as well as in series like Hot in Cleveland or Nip / Tuck (4×01).

It is the only title to be ranked in the Top Ten of the UK Singles Chart in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.


You Sexy Thing has a simple structure, alternating two chords (Fa and Si ♭). It has a chorus-verse form. The song is distinguished by its intermittently repeated six-note riff, played on a slightly saturated electric guitar on a high treble setting and with a perceptible vibrato. Avoiding rock drums, the song uses hand drums like tablas . Some violins accompany the rhythmic part. Brown sings in the style of soul, shouting like The Isley Brothers did .


You Sexy Thing is taken over by Tom Tom Club on the album Dark Sneak Love Action then by Deee-Lite in 1994. In 1997, in addition to the original title, two covers come out; these three titles rank in the UK Singles Chart. The first is duo dance clock. The second by the pop duo t-shirt with actress Chloe Treend and singer Miranda Cooper  (in) makes a success in Australia 4 and in New Zealand. They take the lyrics and the original music by adding rap segments. The group Stereophonics publishes its version on Radio 1 Established 1967 . Bruce Springsteen sometimes takes this piece in his concerts.



chart Square
Australian ARIA Singles Chart 5 4
Austrian Singles Chart 6 12
Netherlands Singles Chart 7 5
New Zealand Singles Chart 8 2
Norway Singles Chart 9 10
Swedish Singles Chart 10 16
UK Singles Chart 11 2
US Billboard Hot 100 3

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